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Official Ghost Adventures Crew Member



On this page, you can find links to some of our colleagues in the field as well as other websites of interest.

Looking for official BPR accounts? We have accounts on MyPara, Facebook, and Twitter:

BPR on Facebook
BPR on MyPara
BPR Matt on MyPara
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Want to be listed? Send an email to along with your attached image (no larger than 468x130px, please) and the URL of your site. Please do not include any offensive, downright frightening (to a client), or for-profit website links.

Networking - Paranormal social networking site run by RCPS

International Paranormal Investigators
International Paranormal Investigators (IPI)

Paranormal Teams

River Cities Paranormal Society (RCPS)

River Cities Paranormal Society (RCPS) - Kansas City

River Cities Paranormal Society (RCPS) - Kentucky

River Cities Paranormal Society - Scotland (RCPSS)

River Cities Paranormal Society (RCPS) - Washington

Sonoran Paranormal Investigations (SPI)

Shadows Paranormal Independent Research of the After Life (SPIRAL)

Equipment Stores

Creepy Hollow Ghost Hunting Gear - run by Paul (GHI/SPI)

Entity Electronics - run by Brad (RCPSWA) and Shawn (RCPSKY)

The GhostHunter Store (run by Dave Juliano from South Jersey Ghost Research)

Other Sites of Interest

Local Favorites - America's Famous Hauntings (submitted by Kyle from Vermont, 5th grade)

Paranormal Yellow Pages

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