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Burbank Paranormal Research is a group of paranormal investigators based in Burbank, California. Our coverage area focuses mostly on the state of California.

BPR conducts investigations in a scientific manner, first searching for all possible natural causes before considering a paranormal explanation. Through this method of debunking first, we can conduct an accurate investigation and provide accurate results based upon the natural solutions; only after exhausting all natural solutions will we consider a paranormal explanation. We seek to remove the fear of a location through education of the paranormal and seek to allow a location's owners and residents to feel more comfortable with their surroundings.

We do not seek pay or compensation for investigations; if someone is terrified of their surroundings, it is immoral to capitalize on the situation like that. Also, we cannot, in good conscience, promise that we can remove the phenomena or make it cease; we can only investigate the claims and see if there is truly a haunting at work. It is also for this reason that we don't seek compensation because payment assumes successful completion of a job, or in this case the complete and total removal of all phenomena from a location.

If you believe you're facing a haunting and would like us to investigate, please contact us and request an investigation using the "Request an Investigation" link on the left-hand menu.

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